Customer Testimonials

We recommend Kevin.

He is a pleasure to work with and has great design ideas. We went in with a good idea of what we wanted but needed help to bring our ideas to life. We brainstormed with Kevin and could not be happier. Clean, neat, professional work!!!

Submitted by a local family residing on Lake Norman in Mooresville, NC.
Testimonial dated May 7, 2018 @10:49 am

Local Family , Lake Norman Residence

Mr. Stagl,

My wife and I wanted you to have this written referral involving our custom built deck and metal roof project at our home. In one word – AWESOME!  As you know, we got other estimates but you saved us money. Your estimate was more compelling, because you included larger, thicker structural lumber resulting in a more dependable living space. You gave us “bigger bang for the buck!”  We appreciate the extra effort to build a child-proof rail and using no nails just screws to prevent nail pop injury as was explained to us during your design presentation.  We pray for your continued success.

Stacey, Homeowner

To whom it may concern:

Now that your company has just about completed a massive job on my home and property, which included a complete alteration to the landscaping and various changes to the interior, I would like to thank you for the quality and professionalism of your work and demeanor, along with your sheer sense of responsibility.

Jane, Senior Citizen Homeowner

Dear Kevin,

Your work at my home was satisfactory. As a senior citizen I appreciate your hard work and I look forward to telling my friends about your services.

Dorethea, Senior Citizen Homeowner

Dear Mr. Stagl,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the employees of Designtech for a job well done at Casanova’s Hideaway. You are definitely a craftsman in your field and the workmanship was excellent. It was a pleasure working with you and if your services are required again, we would not hesitate to call upon you.

William, President, Casanova's Hideaway

Dear Kevin,

We are senior citizens. You gave us a great pre-project presentation. You contracted to remove the sheet vinyl in the kitchen and carpet in the dining room and to install 18″ x 18″ inch ceramic tile flooring. All of your lines and straight and clean and neat. We are very pleased with your price and pleased with your work. God gave us a special person when he sent you to us.

Antoinette, Senior Citizen Homeowner

Dear Kevin / Designtech,

We hired you to construct a dock with a concrete sidewalk and steps from the screen room down to the new dock.  Your work was performed in a workmanlike manner and we are pleased with the results.  Don’t hesitate to use project to acquire other work in the area.

Jan, Senior Citizen Homeowner

Mr. Stagl,

My wife and I are senior citizens. I am retired Navy and have many years of remodeling and painting. After a portion of our dock sunk, you lifted our dock and then drilled and bolted stringers and resurfaced our dock.  Your work on our dock was very satisfactory and sturdy. Don’t hesitate to use our reference to gain other work.

Fred, Senior Citizen Homeowner

Mr. Stagl,

You have been one of the legitimate contractors who does excellent work at reasonable prices. From the time you originally built my office suite, to your recent interior remodeling of my home and the subsequent construction of a beautiful deck outside my home. Our association has always been a good one.

Dr. Tracton, Senior Citizen Homeowner

Kevin Stagl, Designtech,

I am retired Air Force. You performed interior drywall finishing, painting, and repaired a portion of my popcorn ceiling. Your work was professional and totally satisfactory.  Based upon the interior results, I retained you to seal and paint the exterior walls and trim outside plus you cleaned my roof shingles. As a retired engineer I would gladly engage Kevin for future work. He uses top-quality materials.

Willard, Senior Citizen Homeowner

Dear Designtech,

Our home is located on the water. The landscape needed a great deal of work. Your work was outstanding and that original landscape project led to numerous other projects lasting many months building our deck, a storeroom for lawn equipment, tiling our screen room, building concrete steps and sidewalks, installing a new irrigation system, leveling soils and installing sod plus flower beds. Your pride and enthusiasm during each project was amazing. Your presence at our home was a comfort to complete each project in turn. Your honesty and expertise is greatly appreciated.

Irene, Senior Citizen Homeowner

Mr. Stagl,

You worked on my rental property to paint the interior and tree removal. You responded quickly and completed your work without delay.  You may use this reference to secure other work.

Ann, Senior Citizen Homeowner

Mr. Kevin,

This reference constitutes my recommendation to others of your construction skills at my home including drywall (hang and finish) and welding a fireplace angle iron to create a strong and enduring fire stop around the fireplace hearth surround.

Diana, Senior Citizen Homeowner

Dear Mr. Stagl,

I am writing this reference in the hopes that you may secure future work using this excellent project as proof that your quality workmanship certainly pays high dividends to your next customer.

Art, General Manager, Holiday Inn

Dear Mr. Stagl,

Our new home was completed one year ago. You added a new concrete patio and two additional sidewalks. The first sidewalk led to the side entrance of the garage and the second sidewalk led down to the boat house. I am very familiar with concrete construction and your work was greater than Model Building Codes. Feel free to use this reference and digital images of your work to get future work.

Jack, Senior Citizen Homeowner

Dear Kevin,

My husband and I suffered various ailments so we sold our home and relocated to live with our daughter. You doubled the size of my daughter’s lanai and you landscaped the front yard. Your work is excellent well beyond our expectations. My daughter has stated her satisfaction with your work.

Mercedes, Senior Citizen Homeowner

To whom it may concern:

Kevin has done an excellent job on the patio and has shared several decorating ideas. Very professional and courteous.

Evelyn, Senior Citizen Homeowner

Dear Kevin,

I am a retired senior citizen suffering health conditions that prevent my undertaking the home improvements you completed for my wife and I. I owned a construction company and spent my life assessing performance of construction tradesmen. I am certain you are one of the finest tradesman and most determined to succeed.

Charles, Senior Citizen Homeowner

Attention Mr. Kevin Stagl,

I am a retired engineer. I hired you to repair my dock by adding two dock spacers.  You fabricated two dock spacers which were aesthetically pleasing and everything was to my satisfaction.  I wish you the best of luck and you work demonstrated your competence.

Rodney, Senior Citizen Homeowner

Dear Mr. Stagl,

My father and I are extremely pleased with the recently completed painting of the interior of our residence. Your painting occurred in the living room, hallways, dining room, and kitchen. You are very enthusiastic. After completing the interior you painted the front sidewalk and driveway a lovely terractta color to match the barrel tile roof.

Betty, Homeowner

Dear Mr. Stagl,

Your work on the new sidewalk leading from the screen room to the dock is completed to my satisfaction. We appreciate the two additional steps you added to the side yard at no additional cost.

Winiford, Senior Citizen Homeowner

Dear Mr. Stagl,

Your labor work at our residence was prompt, fair, and efficient. We really appreciate your hard work and a pleasure doing business with you. We look forward to additional projects in the next few months.

Dr. Bennett, Homeowner

Dear Mr. Stagl,

Contrary to prior experiences with other contractors, your work at my home was timely, within budget, and you demonstrated a pleasing enthusiasm for your work. Your attitude towards hard work is refreshing. You performed numerous trades saving me a substantial amount of money by not having to hire additional sub-contractors.

Dana, Homeowner

Mr. Stagl,

I want to provide you written reference to provide potential customers about your skill constructing my sidewalk at my home. I am a senior and appreciate your prompt work at reasonable prices. I have other remodeling projects and look forward to to you input with these additional projects.

Ruby, Senior Citizen Homeowner